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What is medical pet boarding?

It can be difficult to leave your pet alone overnight for the first time, especially if they have health issues that require monitoring. Here, our White Hall vets discuss what medical pet boarding is and why it might be the right option for you.

What You Need to Know About Boarding Your Pet

Here are some things you should know and take into consideration before choosing a boarding facility for your pet:

Understand The Boarding Facility's Rules And Policies.

Before leaving your pet at a new place, ask about the rules, the ways they do things, and what they offer. For example, find out what food they give to pets, what things you can bring from home like toys and blankets, what they do in emergencies, and if they can give your pet its medicine.

Asking about the policies, procedures, and services the facilities offer can help you determine the best home away from home for your pet.

Ensure That Your Pet's Vaccinations Are Up To Date.

While each pet boarding kennel has its own rules, there is one important requirement shared by all trustworthy facilities: your pet must have up-to-date vaccinations. They will ask for proof that your pet has received all the necessary immunizations. This is because contagious illnesses and diseases can easily spread among pets in a kennel environment. It's a safety measure to protect your pet and the others staying at the facility.

Ask the facility in advance which immunizations they require your pet to have.

Check Out The Facility Well Ahead Of Time.

Kennels that house a large number of pets can quickly become unkempt. While it is impossible to keep a boarding facility completely sterile, a high-quality boarding facility will look and smell clean. So, before booking your pet's stay, make sure the kennel is kept organized and clean.

Keep Your Own Emotions In Check When You Drop Off Your Pet. 

Dogs are experts at reading their pet parents' emotions. Your pet can tell if you are stressed, overcompensating, or saying goodbye. This will be reflected in your pet's mood and behavior, making it more difficult for them to relax once you leave. Keep things simple, short, and positive to ease the transition.

Your Pet May Exhibit Different Behaviors When They First Come Home.

It's important to recognize that your pet might exhibit unusual behavior during the first few days after coming back from the kennel. They might seek more attention, seem tired, or experience diarrhea. They could also eat or drink more than usual.

These reactions are normal as they adjust to being home again. However, if these symptoms persist after a few days, it's advisable to get in touch with your veterinarian.

Trust Your Gut When Looking For The Best Place To Board Your Pet.

We believe that trusting your instincts is a good place to start when looking for a kennel for your pet. If you don't feel at ease in one location, try another. If you don't agree with their policy, look around at other kennels until you find one you completely trust.

Boarding Your Pet At Hunter's Animal Hospital

In White Hall, we provide high-quality medical boarding for pets. While you are away, we can provide your pet with a warm and comfortable home away from home. We provide temperature-controlled kennels, a separate boarding area for cats and pets, playtime with staff, daily walks, and other services.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. Please make an appointment with your vet to accurately diagnose your pet's condition or boarding needs.

Looking for a clean and welcoming medical boarding facility for your pet in White Hall? Contact Hunter's Animal Hospital to inquire about our available boarding services today!

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